My name is Yazi (yeah-zee). I am a fine art wedding photographer living in Northeast Florida. I love documenting the raw, real moments between two people in love. When I get a few moments alone, I like to watch Netflix and chill. Literally. My husband and I are crazy about 'The Office' and we'll never stop watching. But who isn't? I am obsessed with plants, sprinkles and strawberry ice cream from Dreamette. Working hard and loving people is kind of my thing. I consider myself pretty outgoing and little quirky too. My sweet husband and I are always looking for new places to explore. We love to travel and we're always up for an adventure!

Marriage is one of the greatest experiences of my life. I know what it feels like to be loved like never before. In spite of the challenges we've faced we're stronger and better for it. I think that's what I love about working with couples. Life has ups and downs. It feels so good to look back, you can see where you have been and how far you have come.


What to Expect From Me

I am passionate about spending time with people and sharing the joy of a moment with others! When you book me as your photographer, I am not only there to capture moments but to live them with you. I want to build a relationship with each of my clients. I want to go deeper with you, I want to get as creative as I can with you. I give very heavy directions. You plan on showing up and let me do the work.

My goal as your photographer is someone that can make you feel comfortable so that you are free to be yourselves. I am not here to do a million awkward poses we’re not gonna fake this. I want to capture the candid moments where you feel like you. When you look back at your images you're going to think about the love you share with one another.

Let's hang out and make some crazy-beautiful memories! 

xo yd 

p.s Find me on Instagram to see what shenanigans i'm up to.